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ggChoosing a Pet
Owning a pet is a great joy, a unique privilege and also a big responsibility. Although most pet owners know and believe in the
importance of responsible pet ownership and training, there are also others who do not seem to care or simply do not realize how much care will actually be needed during the entire lifetime of their pet. Sadly, each year
thousands of dogs, cats and other animals are abused, neglected and unwanted, often ending up in shelters or with problem behaviors that cannot easily be corrected.

Since a pet is a lifelong commitment of time, emotion and finances, it should not be one chosen on impulse. Any animal taken into your life deserves the effort it takes to make sure it is the right one for your family and/or circumstances. Before making a decision, consider the following:

  • 1.Does everyone in the household want a pet? Are all in agreement as to the type of pet or the size and needs of that pet? Is anyone in your household allergic to the type of pet you are considering?
  • 2.Why do you want a pet?
  • 3.Are you willing to spend the time necessary to properly take care of a pet?
  • 4.Are you prepared for the disruption in routine and overall mess a pet can create? Do you have adequate space for the type of pet you will get? Will the pet have special environmental needs, such as controlled temperature, crate, tank or cage?
  • 5.How many hours do you spend home per day? How many of those hours are you willing to spend taking care of a pet? Will you expect a baby animal like a dog or
    cat to “hold it”, be alone or confined for hours each day?
  • 6.Do you work far away from your home, often work long hours or travel frequently? Who will be responsible for your pet when you are gone for long periods of time or
    in an emergency?
  • 7.Do you have children or live in a neighborhood with children? Are your own children old enough to understand the proper way to handle your pet? Will they be
    involved in caring for the pet and/or training?
  • 8.Do you already have other pets? If so, can your household adapt easily to an additional pet? Will your existing pet(s) be able to adapt?
  • 9.Can you afford a pet or an additional pet? What will happen if you become physically or financially unable to care for your pet(s)?
  • 10.Would the grooming needs of a long or short-haired
    pet suit you best? Are you fully aware of the grooming needs of
    certain animals or breeds?
  • 11.Are you basing your decision solely on the look of a
    specific animal or breed? Have you also considered the activity
    level, mental stimulation, genetic instincts or other specific
    needs of that type of animal or breed?


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